Advantage of using linux

31 Aug

Free from Crash

An important advantage of Linux is that it never crashes. In Linux you will not find things that are common in Windows such as cursor suddenly stopped on the screen, blue screen scary, sending an error report is not clear the problem. Linux can run for years without a reboot, although some courses in Linux crashes sometimes but not all the programs running on Linux must be restarted. In fact, the program is able to clean and run back without a problem.


Another advantage of Linux is far more secure than Windows. Security diLinux work on superuser, which permits to set the system there is only one account on the root.

Can be free and Share

The biggest advantage of Linux is that it can be obtained free of charge. For all the latest software updates can also be obtained for free. Not only that, if you want more software can be downloaded on the internet. Because Linux software is free then the file can divide up with others. In Windows reproduce strictly prohibited programs, and software is included in the software category bajakkan.

Compatible with Older Hardware

Linux can be installed on older hardware without burdening the system. Another for Windows XP, which is very large hardware requirements. Linux can revive old computers, then using it as a server to workstasion. Most computers that use Linux is the server and it is possible for a workstation.
Linux is very flexible in this regard.

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